What a year!

2017 has been a funny old year.

We had a wonderful warm Spring and budburst stated with us on 7th April. Within days budburst had happened across the vineyard – sometimes this takes weeks.

Then terrible frosts devastated Northern Europe savaging vineyards in France and England. Many vineyards lost 90% of their crop, but luckily we were one of the few vineyards that were unscathed. The heat of early summer made us think that harvest would come very early. Across the rest of Europe vignerons are harvesting now because of the impact of the Lucifer heatwave: the grapes have baked and need picking before the sugars become so high that the wine will be too alcohol to sell.

The sub-optimal position of the jet stream though prompted a cooler – and wetter- July and August in England which slowed the vines down.

Now at the end of August the heat has returned and the grapes are ripening beautifully. We are part way through veraison where the grapes change colour as they ripen. It seems that we are all about 2 weeks ahead of usual so brace yourself for an early harvest.