Our family-run vineyard sits on sunny south-facing slopes overlooking the South Downs. It took us five years to find the perfect place. West Sussex is blessed with rare free-draining greensand – excellent for viticulture in a country renowned for the occasional rain shower. We believe greensand is the terroir of choice Read more...



Only our own grapes go into our wine. We are fiercely proud of our rigorous control over the wine-making process from grape to glass. The first time a bottle of Ambriel leaves us is when it goes to you. Our grapes are hand-picked and go straight from the vineyard into Read more...

strange fruit

Blanc de Blancs 2010

6 bottles or more

Classic Cuvée

6 bottles or more

Ambriel Rosé

6 bottles or more

Magnum of Classic Cuvée 2010

3 bottles or more
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