Our family-run vineyard sits on sunny south-facing slopes overlooking the South Downs. It took us five years to find the perfect place. West Sussex is blessed with rare free-draining greensand – excellent for viticulture in a country renowned for the occasional rain shower. We believe greensand is the terroir of choice in England. The underlying greensand rock stores heat from the sun and reflects it to help ripen the grapes. Our vines are the classic champagne varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier but our clones are burgundian, selected for their superior quality. Ambriel west sussex vineyard Most of the work in the vineyards is done by hand including pruning and harvesting. We work sympathetically with nature. Our vineyards teem with beneficial insects encouraged by our wildflower planting. We particularly welcome ladybirds, lacewings and earwigs. Vinehund Our flock of ouessants – the smallest sheep in the world – graze between the dormant vines during the winter. Our hedges are browsed by Golden Guernsey goats. We have a wildlife oasis – a wild and untamed area – in the middle of the vineyard. Ouessant sheep lawnmowers