Only our own grapes go into our traditional method English Sparkling Wine. We are fiercely proud of our rigorous control over the wine-making process from grape to glass. The first time a bottle of Ambriel leaves us is when it goes to you. Our grapes are hand-picked and go straight from the vineyard into our winery. The grapes are gently whole-bunch pressed – with each clone being pressed separately – and then vinified in stainless steel temperature-controlled tanks to maximise their fruit flavours and aromas. Sometimes we ferment wine in aged white burgundy oak barrels to lend complexity and softness. Once the wines are ready, we line them up with the reserve wines and taste, taste, taste. We blend blind, so that our palate – not our wallet – determines the best blend. Blending is at the heart of a great Sparkling Wine and our philosophy is to create wines which reflect the best characteristics of our terroir and the climate of a particular vintage. Then we start the magic of secondary fermentation and let these sleeping beauties lie on the lees undisturbed for years until they are ready to emerge. French oak barrels